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9 Mile ATV Adventure

If you like mud-slingin' good times while riding through the beautiful Smoky Mountains on an all-terrain vehicle, then this is for you! Our ATV Rides offer you another way at Jayell Ranch to let loose. You will be accompanied with a well-trained guide through your one-hour, handle-bar gripping, gear shiftin' good time! The trails are awesome and the views are amazing.

Your 9 mile ATV adventure through the foothills of the Smoky Mountains starts right now! Prepare to get dirty as you ride through many trails in the woods full of mud! We absolutely can drive them through creeks as well! Come enjoy this awesome experience and you will not be disappointed.

$69.99 or add to any other ride at Jayell Ranch for only $59.99!



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Jayell Ranch ATV Rides in Pigeon Forge, TN

Riding with Mommy

Jayell Ranch ATV Rides in the Smoky Mountains

Pigeon Forge ATV Rides

Jayell Ranch ATV Rides in Sevierville, TN

9 Mile ATV Adventure

Jayell Ranch ATV Rides in the Smokies

Mud-Slingin' Fun